New year, new beginning!

Hey punks!

In case you were wondering why it has been so quiet here for the last few month, it's because we have a bit of a break at the moment. We want to work on new songs and new ideas first before we come back with a new drummer again. 

And this new drummer also has to be found first. 
So if you are a good looking, handsome, smart person who knows how to hit the drums and heard about bands like Joy Division, The Gits, The Adverts, Inner Terrestrials, Against Me!, The Runaways or Bambix, then you might be the one we 're looking for...  ;)

We are not interested in the rockstar trip, we are a DIY punkband playing powerful melodic punkrock songs straight from our hearts. Like that idea? Then get in touch now!

You can buy the record at our shows or send an email to: